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Rag Curls and Plaid

October 25, 2015 0 Comments
Whenever I think of rag curls, I think of sitting on my mom’s bed at night as she tiredly tied up my hair. My hair was thick, as it still is, and stick straight (it has a big more texture these days). It never held a curl for long.
A few days ago, I decided to give them another try. The results were much better than those early efforts. The only problem? I put them in the night before a rainy day. They held up a bit better than I was expecting, though. The last picture is of my curls at the end of a drizzly day running errands around the city. The curls have definitely fallen out some, but they aren’t stick straight like I would have expected.
I followed Solanah’s tutorial here for a refresher on how to do rag curls.
Outfit Details

Dress: LL Bean Signature Collection
Handkerchief: Borrowed from the hubby
Jacket: LL Bean
Rain Hat: LL Bean

January 8, 2016

Rachel Kaye Estelle