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I started a blogpost detailing the first leg of our trip to the UK over a month ago. I did my normal routine and never posted it. Here it is. Stay tuned for more details to come!
I’m not usually one for giving a rundown of my daily actions, but I realized that some friends and family might be interested in our doings. So, for their sakes, here it is. To everyone else, I apologize for the boring blogpost. 
Waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport in Taipei
Getting To London

It took us 24 hours just to get to London. First, there was a 2-hour flight to Shanghai and a 4-hour layover. Next, We needed to fly to Paris. That took 12 hours and another 4-hour layover in Paris. Finally, we hopped on British Airways (a beacon of civility and deliciously strong tea) and made the short journey (just over an hour) to London.  
Layover in Paris

We set down in London shortly after 11. After making our way through customs and baggage, we jumped on the Piccadilly line to Kings Cross where our hotel, The Alhambra, was located. 
The Alhambra Hotel, by the way, is lovely, small but clean hotel that I would recommend to anyone traveling to London.
The view from our hotel room
After a wardrobe change and an attempt at a quick nap, neither of us could fall asleep, we went out for some rather jetlagged sightseeing. I can’t say I remember much of what I saw beyond the fact that it included the Thames, the Millennium Bridge, a lovely little market, and a delicious venison pie. 

The Globe

We ended our first day in London with a play at The Globe, the model of Shakespeare’s original theatre. They did a fantastic performance of King John, a little known but culturally relevant play about political machinations and the devastation of power struggles and war. Standing in the groundlings near the stage costs just 5 pounds. It’s well worth the experience. You can reach out and touch the stage and the actors even interact with the audience in the groundlings. However, you might want to be operating on a bit more sleep than we were. Standing for 2 or 3 hours can take it’s toll even when you are wide awake, let alone after travelling for 24 hours. The hubby’s knee was swollen quite badly afterward.

Sadly, we were both so exhausted that we didn’t even bother taking pictures.

Seeing the Sights

The next day included a walking tour of the major sights–St. Paul’s Cathedral, royal parks, the changing of the guard at Buckingham, Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster, countless statues, and many more sights than my tired brain could barely process. The hubby kept taking pictures. By the end, I was making faces instead of smiling for the camera.

Off to Edinburgh

Finally, we jumped back on the Piccadilly line and headed to our red eye for Edinburgh. One flight and two connecting bus rides later and we dragged ourselves into our flat here at 2 am, ready for sleep, sleep, and more sleep. I think it took us about a week to wake up!

Well, that’s all for now! Cheers!

Stay tuned for more overdue updates of our UK adventures.

Rachel Kaye Estelle