a freckled Rachel

I’ve always believed in breaking fashion rules. In my mind, most fashion rules were created because some influential person decided that because a particular look didn’t work for her, it didn’t work for anyone. If that’s the case, why not break the rules? What’s the point in following them if they aren’t even relevant to you personally?

Yes, I did take and edit these pictures using my Mac Photo Booth. And yes, I do know that that is so early 2000s! 

That said, I’ve also always believed in creating your own rules. I think we all do this. We decide what looks good on us, and we what doesn’t and make our own list of dos and don’ts accordingly. This strategy works well, except sometimes we hold ourselves to some pretty unnecessary rules made all the more powerful because we created them for ourselves.

Bangs (or a fringe) are one such rule for me. Because I have a high forehead, I was convinced for many years that I couldn’t look presentable without a thick fringe covering my monstrous deformity. I’ve since reconsidered. Don’t get me wrong, I still try to style my hair around that high forehead, but I’ve found there are other ways of working with it than completely hiding it from sight.

I’m not rejecting bangs forever, but, for now, I’m enjoying my time without them. It has a refreshing, clean feel.

What about you? Do you ever break your own rules?

Rachel Kaye Estelle