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I made the decision recently to finally start blogging more frequently. Alas, my best intentions gang aft agley. To make a long story short, over the course of the last few months, our cameras and phones have been biting the dust one at a time. Up until this evening, we were down to the camera on our iPad.

Despite that, I soldiered on and put together this Chicwish review.

I discovered Chicwish from Rebecca over at The Clothes Horse. I was a bit wary of trying a new company after a very bad online retail experience recently; however, their good reviews, a 30% introductory coupon, and their (get this) free international shipping sealed the deal for me.

I ordered two skirts from them. Today, I’ll be reviewing this cute little jean number. It’s the “high-rise, a-line denim skirt” (no longer available). I didn’t used to be much of a a-line skirt girl, but I’ve fallen in love with the look recently. Perhaps it’s Tilly’s adorable Delphine pattern that started it. Honestly, it probably is. I can’t wait till I have a sewing machine again and can make it. Until then, I’ll have to content myself with this skirt!

It’s an easy skirt to content myself with. I love it. In fact I’m wearing it right now as I type up this blogpost. It did arrive with one little quirk. The buttonholes weren’t cut out. This took only a minute for me to deal with; however, it was a bit strange!

Besides that, my ordering experience was great. They were quick to respond to questions, went above and beyond when I contacted them with a concern, and kept in contact during the delivery of my order.

The skirt in question is perfect for my days off from teaching: cute and comfy.

Many of the Chicwish styles aren’t quite my personal cup of tea. They also use a lot of synthetic fibers. I prefer natural fibers. (Thankfully this skirt is cotton.) For those two reasons, I can’t see myself ordering too frequently from them, but I’m definitely considering another order at some point!

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Skirt: Chicwish
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